Bell Schedule for 2019 - 2020


Regular School Days:


Note: This is the bell schedule for regular school days starting Thursday August 15, 2019. On minimum days, such as during Parent/Teacher Conference week, all students start at 8:10am are dismissed at 11:35am.


7:55am (Bell) Playground Opens  
8:05am (Bell) Students report to class  
8:10am (Bell) School Begins: A.M. Kindergarten
      Grades 1-3 (Early birds)
      Grades 4-6
9:10am   Playground opens for: Grades 1-3 (Late birds)
9:10am (Bell) School Begins: Grades 1-3 (Late birds)
9:10-9:30am (Bell) Primary Recess: Grades 1-3
9:55-10:15am   Upper Grade Recess: Grades 4-6
11:20am   School Begins: P.M. Kindergarten
11:50am   Dismissal: A.M. Kindergarten
1:50pm (Bell) Dismissal: Grades 1-3 (Early birds)
2:50pm (Bell) Dismissal: Grades 1-3 (Late birds)
      Grades 4-6
3:00pm (Bell) Dismissal: P.M. Kindergarten


Lunch Schedule:

11:30am-12:15pm (Bell) Lunch Grades 1-3
12:05-12:50pm (Bell) Lunch Grades 4-6


P.E. Schedule:

Time Grade
10:20-10:50am 1st
10:50-11:20am 2nd
11:20-11:50am Kindergarten
12:50-1:20pm 5th
1:20-1:50pm 3rd
1:50-2:20pm 6th
2:20-2:50pm 4th


Collaboration Days:


All students in grades 1-6 will start at 8:10am and have early release at 11:35am. Collaboration Days are scheduled on Fridays, typically, once a month. During Collaboration Days AM & PM Kindergarten will keep their regular schedule AM Kinder start at 8:10am and end at 11:50am,  PM Kindergarten will start at 11:20am and end at 3:00pm.  If families of students in grade 1-6 require childcare during the afternoon of a Collaboration Day, please contact Kerry Russell at or (818) 952-8360 by 9:00 am the day of a Collaboration Day.  


Collaboration Day Schedule:


7:55am (Bell) Playground Opens  
8:10am (Bell) School Begins: AM Kindergarten,
      Grades 1-6 (Early & Late birds)
11:20am   School Begins: PM Kindergarten
11:35am   Early Dismissal: All Grades except AM + PM Kinders
11:50am   Dismissal AM Kindergarten
3:00pm   Dismissal PM Kindergarten


Spirit Rally Days:

8:40 – Spirit Rally – 1st – 3rd – MPR
9:25 – Spirit Rally – 4th – 6th – MPR