The PCR PTA received $2,500+ from this program last year! Even if you are already a Ralphs Community Reward Program participant, YOU MUST RE-REGISTER ONLINE FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR!!! All currently active Ralphs Community Reward Program members will be reset by August 31st, 2022. PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FOR THE NEW TERM BEGINS SEPTEMBER 1, 2022. There is NO PRE-REGISTRATION! This means that the first day you can register for the new term is

September 1, 2022.




1.Log in to www.ralphs.com


2.Sign in to your account if you already have an account. If you don't have an account yet, click on the ‘No Account? Register’ link at the top right-hand corner.


3.Follow the easy steps to create or renew your an online account


4.You will be instructed to go to your email inbox to confirm your account


5.After you confirm your online account by clicking on the link in your email, return to www.ralphs.com and click your name (you may have to sign in first).


6.Once logged in, click on Community, then on Community Contributions.


7.Click on 'Enroll Now' to re-enroll or enroll for the first time.


8.View all your information and edit as necessary.


9.Link your card to your organization by clicking on:


a. Community Rewards - Enroll

b. Type your NPO number or name of organization (the PCR code is AT665).

c. Remember to click on the circle to the left of your organizations’ name d. Click on ENROLL to  finish your enrollment process


You must renew your account online using the instructions above. If you have any problems, please call the Ralphs Community Contributions help number at 1 (800) 443-4438.