Founders Day Awards

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Founders Day winners: Lidia Camoosa, Chloris Turner, Amy Tsai, Joyce Mayne and Lara Berdahl. Thank you for all of the amazing things you do for PCR!

Founders Day Awards

Now Accepting Nominations for 2020-21 PTA Founders Day Award


Deadline for submission: December 6th, 2020


Do you know an outstanding Palm Crest parent volunteer, community member, teacher, or staff member who goes the extra mile for PCR students? If so, please consider nominating him or her for the 2020-21 PTA Founders Day Award.  Simply download and fill out the nomination form located here:


If you have any questions please contact Jamie Abrahamian at Please put “Founders Day Nominee” in the subject line.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge these hard working, generous individuals who go above and beyond to make a difference at Palm Crest!

Past PCR Founders Day Winners:


2020: Lara Berdahl, Lidia Camoosa,  Amy Tsai,  Joyce Mayne & Chloris Turner


2019: Sharon Anderson, Megan Broberg, Evelyn Harris, Kristin McDaniel, & Brandon Norman


2018: Jamie Abrahamian, Jerry Cradduck, Rachel Harter, Sean Hunt, Brian Parker, & Mariana Valderhaug


2017: Lola Dietrich, Deb Parker, Beth Shupper, Tony Villavicencio & Judi Healey


2016: Caroline Anderson, Holly Biondo, DeDe Cook, Julia Lee-Hwang, Barbara Pahk, & Joan Patterson


2015: Tiffany Diaz, Marie Harbabikian, Tracy Jeandron, Deborah Pitts, Sugi Sorensen, Cheryl Trowbridge


2014: Karen Hurley, Jill Neubrand, Jackie Valentine, Eileen Greenbaum, Shelby Loder Grey, Charlie & Martha Likins


2013: Odessa Esquivel, Beth Mumper, Wendy Senour, Lindsay Staley, Nora MacKenzie, Sandy Tsujihara


2012: Nancy Leininger, Gretel Ujfalusy, John Caire, Craig Gropper, Crista Murray, Fred Serricchio


2011: Debbie Bedell-Au, Paulette Lantz, Rachel Zooi, Barb Cabello, John & Shelley Loter, Linda Richmond, Jennifer Rubendall


2010: Jane Chang-Hur, Nina Browning, Denise Longo, Melissa Mazin, Tara Stewart, Sally Kim-Tokeshi


2009: Jeanine Bentz, Tonya Mizrahi, Stacy Anderson, Cindi Carter, Eva Juse


2008: Laura Strametz, Anais Wenn, Heaja Kim, Lorna Kim, Garrett Kreditor