Who likes to Party!?!



Palm Crest Elementary (PCR) Party book parties are always a hit! PCR has a vibrant and diverse school community and we are all fortunate to be a part of it. The events and experiences offered on Party Book are designed and hosted by our families and they bring parents and kids together outside the classroom. These events and experiences build friendships and deepen our connection to our amazing school community. When you attend an event, you are not only financially supporting our school, but you are participating in our wonderful community. All the money for parties you attend goes directly to PCR.


With COVID-19 orders not allowing people to gather in person, we will need to be even more creative with booking parties for the 2021-2022 school year. Parties can be big or small and be just about anything that our PCR kids and/or parents would enjoy. These parties come in all shapes and sizes (and prices!) but the money we raise benefits our kids. Parties can take place via Zoom, at a venue, park, or be a gathering at your home that ensures safety for everyone participating. From Legos to cocktails, we are open to your party entries! So, grab some friends and host something together.


For more party ideas click here and Party book FAQ’s click here.